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Official Documentation for the ZixiPay Wallet APIs

ZixiPay Wallet is one the most secure and easy to use wallet platforms supporting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Tether on TRC20, ERC20 and OMNI.

Bitcoin Wallet API, Ethereum Wallet API, Litecoin Wallet API, Tether Wallet API.

ZixiPay Wallet services is available on Web, Mobile App (Android and iOS) and via REST API.

ZixiPay Wallet APIs is designed to be highly secure and easy to integrate with any kind of platforms for automatic and mass payment of the supported cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC and USDT).

ZixiPay Merchant API alllows accepting crypto payments with an automated payment notification callback function. Merchant API can be easily integrated with any platform for various use cases such as invoice payments, wallet services, e-commerce, exchange services, etc.

Official Announcements regarding changes, downtime, etc. to the APIs will be posted on: Twitter and Telegram.

Any questions about the API endpoints? Send an email to

Name Description How to activate your ZixiPay Wallet API Complete details of ZixiPay Wallet API How to accept crypto payments, ZixiPay Merchant API, Crypto Acquiring
samples/PHP ZixiPay API, PHP sample codes
samples/Javascript ZixiPay API, Javascript sample codes
samples/Python ZixiPay API, Python sample codes
assets ZixiPay image assets