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ZixiPay Merchant API Version 2

Merchant integration and payment acceptance

ZixiPay Merchant API alllows accepting crypto payments with an automated payment notification callback function. Merchant API could be integrated and utilized in all kind of use cases such as invoice payments, wallet services, e-commerce, exchange services, etc.

Merchant Settings

How to set up and activate the ZixiPay Merchant API:

API Endpoints

Merchant API Endpoints


POST /apiv2/getpaymentwallet

Get payment wallet address. This endpoint returns a new wallet address everytime it is called.


Name Type Mandatory Description
currency string YES Any of the supported currencies (USDZ, EURZ, LTC, BTC, ETH or USDT)
ref string YES A reference tag to this payment wallet (depeneding on the usage this could be an invoice number, account number, userid, username, email address or any other kind of unique reference in your platform)
uid string YES ZixiPay User ID
ts number YES Unix time
sig string YES HMAC-SHA256 signature

IMPORTANT: Calls to this endpoint with the same ref tag would return the same wallet address. This is useful when you need to have persistant wallet address for each client/account in your platform.

Response: (Example)

      "name":"Tether TRC20",   // currency name
      "code":"USDT",          // currency symbol
      "address":"TH53ejapLDKDFxxqP2RREfxCNtW26gFKeb", // wallet address
      "qr-code":"", // QR-Code of the address
      "confirm":20             // number of confirmations required
      "name":"Tether ERC20",
      "name":"Tether OMNI",

QR-Code: Calls to this endpoint returns a URL for the qr-code of the wallet address which could be easily used in the <img> HTML tag as its src.

IPN Callback Parameters

If the IPN Callback URL is set in the Merchant settings, upon receiving funds in any of the wallet addresses generated by the getpaymentwallet endpoint, an HTTPS POST will be made to the Callback URL with the following parameters in urlencoded format.


Name Type Description
ref string reference tag to this payment wallet
wallet string receiving wallet address that has been generated using getpaymentwallet API endpoint.
amount number amount of the incoming payment
fee number merchant API processing fee + the exhange fee if the auto-exchange to USDZ has been enabled.
currency string any of the supported currencies (USDZ, EURZ, LTC, BTC, ETH or USDT)
exchange* binary 0: if auto-echange to USDZ has NOT been done.
1: if auto-exchange to USDZ has been done.
xamount* number actual incoming payment amount if auto-exchange to USDZ has been done, null otherwise.
xcurrency* string actual incoming currency if auto-exchange to USDZ has been done, null otherwise.
xrate* number applied exchange rate if auto-exchange to USDZ has been done, null otherwise.
txid string blockchain txid/hash
zxid string ZixiPay transaction id
time number Transaction time (Unix time)
sig string HMAC-SHA256 signature (will be null if IPN callback hash key has not been set in the Merchant Settings)

* exchange, xamount, xcurrency and xrate are used when Automatic exchange to USDZ is activated in the Merchant Settings.

VERY IMPORTANT: If there was an error/technical problem during IPN callback, our system would try up to 5 times until it is done successfully and nevertheless there is a tiny chance your system receives more than one IPN callback for the same transaction. Your IPN callback handler must always watch for duplicate callbacks by checking zxid (ZixiPay transaction id) or a method of your choice to avoid double deposit/credit on your side.

IMPORTANT 1: If the receiving end is behind a firewall, ZixiPay’s IP addresses and TCP port 443 needs to be permitted to pass through.

IMPORTANT 2: Callback is HTTPS only, so SSL needs to be enabled and valid on the receiving end.